The Book Report # 2

Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or relaxing by the pool I’m sure you’ll agree that the summer is a perfect time to dive into a new book. I love nothing more than enjoying the warm weather with a great book in my hand.

Here’s five books that are ideal for reading this summer regardless of whether you’re holidaying in Margate or Marbella. 

The Lido by Libby Page

This is a book that I’ve spotted on numerous Instagram accounts and it’s also my Book Club’s last read.

Set in Brixton it tells the tale of the cross generational friendship of 86 year old Rosemary and 26 year old Kate. The two characters come together following the news that the nearby lido is due to close. Kate who works for the local newspaper  has been dispatched by her editor to cover the story when she meets Rosemary a regular swimmer at the lido who has a lifetime of memories spent there.

The story shows the efforts of the community coming together to try and save their beloved lido from developers intertwined with a love story that spans a lifetime and the blossoming of the two lead characters as they let people into their lives.


How Do You Like Me Now? by Holly Bourne

Tori Bailey is a 31 year old influencer who found fame through writing a book about finding the ‘one’ when she went travelling to find herself after giving up on bad relationships.

The premise of  the book is what happens after the happy ever after. 

What do you do when you’ve got followers looking to you for advice about having a perfect relationship and you’re starting to have doubts about it. 

Tori’s brand is her honesty with her followers but what happens when she can’t be honest with herself.

How do you like me now is the debut adult novel by YA writer Holly Bourne.


The Day We Met By Roxie Cooper

The story begins when Stephanie and Jamie meet at an arts and photography retreat weekend in 2006 and form an instant connection despite both of them being involved with other people. We follow their lives over the next decade revisiting their lives on the anniversary of the weekend when they met, wondering will they or won’t they get together? If you loved One Day by David Nicholls you’ll enjoy this book.


The Cactus By Sarah Haywood

Susan is a prickly character who doesn’t mix with her neighbours or colleagues. She’s very efficient at her job and quite regimented in other areas of her life. Her character does remind me in places of the lead character from Eleanor Oliphant Is Fine.

When Susan’s mother dies, she has to return to the family home to sort out her mother’s effects and hear the reading of her will, Susan’s life gets turned upside down as she deals with her wayward brother. Throughout the book we follow Susan’s story as she slowly lets people in whilst also dealing with another big change in her life.


Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

This has been dubbed a fairy tale love story for the modern age. The chapters alternate between Nadia and Daniel as the narrator. Our Stop follows Daniel’s quest to contact his dream woman (Nadia) via a newspaper column that helps people get in touch with their rush hour crush.

Missed Connections is the name of the newspaper feature and it’s also a theme that runs throughout the book as there are several missed chances for the two to meet IRL.

Had to laugh at one line “why can’t I meet somebody the old fashioned way via an app” perhaps I’m showing my age but meeting someone the old fashioned way to me is meeting them on a night out or via mutual friends.

Although this is Laura Jane’s third book, it’s her first foray into fiction. I found the characters relatable and could easily see there being a sequel to this. 



Which books can’t you wait to read this summer? Do share  your summer reading lists in the comments below!

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