Soho House Instameet

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Lunar Society Igers Birmingham held an instameet at Soho House which was the home of the industrialist and entrepreneur Matthew Boulton from 1766 to 1809.

Soho House was also a favourite meeting place of the Lunar Society, a leading Enlightenment group whose members included Joseph Priestley, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood and James Watt. They would meet every month on the night of the full moon to dine, conduct experiments, and discuss philosophical matters of the day.

I loved looking round this elegant Georgian mansion which contained many stunning items such as an Ormolu Sidereal Clock which shows “sidereal” time rather than the solar time and was manufactured by Boulton. My favourite parts had to be the pair of stone sphinxes which were once a feature of the grounds of Soho House and were now on show in the Tea Room and The Hermitage which was a reconstruction of the place where Boulton would retreat for quiet contemplation. I was quite tempted to sneak inside for a sit down and a bit of rumination.

Here’s some of my favourite photos from the day.

gold ormalou clock

moon painting

matthew boulton kitchen advice

matthew boulton desk

matthew boulton utensils kitchen

matthew boulton stained glass

matthew boulton silver pigs

matthew boulton book

matthew boulton school books



Thanks to Igers Birmingham for arranging this visit which was free to attend. I was under no obligation to write about it. 

Please see here for information on admittance fees and dates/times if you’re planning on a visit.


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