RBSA Portrait Prize 2019

Despite working until recently about a five minute walk away from RBSA I’ve not really spent much time at this gallery as there never seemed to be enough time in my lunch break to really take in the exhibitions.

So when I had some free time a couple of weeks ago I went to see The RBSA Portrait Prize 2019.

This year’s show is selected by professional portrait painters John Devane, Robert Neil VP PPRBSA, Sara Shamma, and Jonathan Waller.

As a photographer I mainly capture buildings, street art and objects however when attending exhibitions it is mainly portraits that I’m drawn to. I think it’s because I find portraiture more accessible than abstract or conceptual pieces. With peoples faces I find you don’t necessarily need to read the blurb in the visitors guide or be aware of context or a particular art movement to be emotionally invested in the work you’re viewing. You can just look at the subject and imagine their story.

Here’s a small selection of my favourites from this year’s show. 


Row 1: ‘Wetin Day’ by Peter Davis and ‘Lewis’ by Francesca Currie RBSA.

Row 2: ‘Hanako’ by David Gleeson and ‘Beyond the Velvet’ by Laura Quinn Harris.


 To see the full list of winners of the RBSA Portrait Prize 2019 click here.


Ends 31st August 2019, free entry.

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